Margarita Island

‘Pearl of the Caribbean’










Margarita Island Vacation

Feeling completely worn out from endless hours of work? Time you treated yourself to a tropical vacation. Known as the ‘Pearl of the Caribbean’, Margarita Island is a great economical option for your next holiday getaway.

Margarita Island offers its visitors an incredible climate with tropical Caribbean temperatures, year round sunshine and amazing sea water temperatures. During your tropical Caribbean vacation you can choose to lay in the warm, beautiful sunshine or if you´re feeling more adventurous, participate in one of the many activities the island has to offer.

What better destination than a Caribbean island for your next vacation? Margarita Island has just about every aquatic activity you could possibly think of. Just to name a few, you can enjoy kayaking, wind surfing, snorkeling, jet skiing, kite boarding, surfing and heaps more. If you´re not that fond of aquatic activities, then you can choose to remain on dry land and partake in horse riding, sight seeing tours, jeep adventures or just hit the gym or play some golf.

As far as Caribbean destinations go, Margarita Island is easily accessible from many countries of the world, especially from the United States. An international flight from Miami to Caracas is around 3 hours duration while a domestic flight from Caracas to the island is less than an hour. The island is located just off Venezuela´s coastline and to the east of the islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. Once you get yourself to Caracas, simply take a connecting flight to the island.

Being one of the popular Caribbean vacation islands for tourists from both Europe and the US, Margarita caters for all walks of life. While planning your Margarita Island holiday accommodation, the options are plentiful. If you´re looking for something economic, a guest house is ideal. If on the other hand you really want to live it up, there are many luxurious 5 star resorts to choose from. If you enjoy dining out while on your Caribbean vacation, Margarita Island offers many restaurants & bars, the majority located in the cities of Porlamar and Pamapatar. In regards to gastronomy, the island also has other options such as bakeries, fast food outlets and supermarkets (if you prefer to prepare your own meals).

Known as a Caribbean island paradise, Margarita Island is surrounded by more than fifty beautiful, tropical beaches. During your Margarita Island vacation you can hire an umbrella with chairs, order food & beverages (including alcoholic drinks) and even have the restaurant guys serve your meal beachside! When you decide to cool off, simply slip into the incredible Caribbean Sea and bask in the amazing water temperatures.

Due to Venezuela´s weak currency (when compared to the US dollar), Margarita Island just may be the best Caribbean island for shopping. The island has some high quality shopping malls with a wide range of stores offering different products and services. For most foreign tourists the exchange rate is incredible IF you pay in cash. To obtain local currency you must first exchange your US dollars or Euros (see my currency page for important information). Best Caribbean island? As far as your dollar goes, yes!

If you´re looking for the best Caribbean vacation, then act now and book your Margarita Island holiday soon. Discover the Pearl of the Caribbean, it surely is a paradise waiting to be enjoyed!