Margarita Island Taxi Service

Need transportation on Margarita Island? It´s always best to use a quality taxi service during your Caribbean vacation. Whether you like to walk, take a bus or even rent a vehicle, I always prefer using a quality taxi service when it comes to transport options on Margarita Island.

If you decide to catch a cab please be aware that the difference in taxi service quality in Venezuela can be dramatic! I HIGHLY recommend using taxis from ‘taxi lines’, which can usually be found at most 5 star hotels, shopping malls and other quality establishments.

If you are walking the streets, please do NOT be tempted to jump into any taxi. For your own safety, choose very wisely.
When you cannot find a taxi line, look for a modern taxi with all its windows up (sure sign of working air conditioning).
Tell the driver your destination and ask him/her for their price, BEFORE you jump in. If the price seems fair, great. If it seems excessive, maybe look for another taxi.

If you are a female travelling on your own, I recommend noting the taxi number plate BEFORE you enter. You can then quickly text the plate number to a friend, just in case the taxi driver has other intentions. Always best to be safe!

In regards to Margarita Island taxi service, listed below are 3 reputable taxi lines which I personally recommend.

Cexpre Taxis
Centro Comercial Sambil Margarita &
Centro Comercial Aqua Center in Urb. Jorge Coll
262 4545, 262 1379

Margarita Island Cexpre Taxis

Radio Taxi Express
Calle Guilarte, Edificio Hotel Le Park, PB, Local 1, Porlamar
264 4922

Margarita Island Radio Taxi Express

Luxor Taxis
Avenida Prolongacion 4 De Mayo, Edificio Centro Profesional Atrium
Piso 3, Oficina A-31, Central Porlamar
263 7979, 263 0268, 0414 810 0866

Margarita Island Taxis Ejecutivos Luxor

If you´re looking for more Margarita Island transport options, see my Car Hire and Bus pages