Car Hire Services

If you need transport during your Caribbean vacation why not hire a vehicle. Margarita Island has plenty of car hire services for you to choose from. Hiring a vehicle puts you behind the wheel and in total control, so you don´t need to organize and wait for taxis all the time.

As I always use my own vehicle, I have never personally rented a vehicle from any car hire company on Margarita Island. For your convenience I have listed the following two companies, which both seem to have good names & reputations on the island.

DG Automoviles (Bella Vista Office)
Calle Marcano entre Campos y Ortega, local 29-64
Bella Vista, Porlamar
58 0295 266 1576, 58 0295 266 0769

Margarita Island DG Automoviles car rental

DG Automoviles (Costa Azul Office)
Calle Los Uveros, Centro Comercial CCM, Local 4
Costa Azul, Porlamar
58 0295 267 6007

Margarita Island DG Automoviles car rental

ACO Rent A Car
Santiago Mariño International Airport, El Yaque
58 295 269 1270
Monday – Sunday, 7:00am to 9:00pm

Margarita Island ACO rent a car