Margarita Island Bus Transportation

How to get around Margarita Island? One of the most common forms of getting around the island is bus transportation. It is very economical, but does come at a price!

As the island is relatively small in size, the Margarita Island bus transportation industry isn´t exactly booming. Most of the public buses are mid-sized and travel short distances. These buses are privately owned vehicles, never run on any kind of schedule or time table and quite often, are driven erratically by their drivers.

The majority of the buses on the island are quite out dated, badly maintained and do NOT have air conditioning. As the climate on Margarita Island is very humid, air conditioning is a must, especially when the buses are overcrowded. Can you see where I´m going with this?

Just in case you´re still thinking about using bus transportation on your Caribbean vacation getaway, be warned that robberies onboard these buses take place during the day and especially at night. I would personally look for another option in regards to getting around the island.

I STRONGLY recommend that you opt for a taxi anytime you are travelling on the island. A taxi ride will certainly cost you more, but for your own personal safety and comfort, you´d be insane to board one of the local buses.

The ONLY bus service I would recommend for any type of transport on the island, would be a shuttle bus from your hotel.
Some hotels will provide their own shuttle buses to transport their clients to & from shopping malls and other destinations.

When looking for hotel accommodation on Margarita Island, I would search for hotels which offer their own private shuttle bus service. This type of service is not only super convenient for its guests, but a great option for personal safety.