Passport & Visa for Venezuela

Do you have a valid passport and visa for Venezuela? If not, you´ll certainly need these documents if you wish to enjoy a Caribbean vacation and travel to Margarita Island. In regards to travel documentation a valid passport is the minimum document you will need. The expiry date of your passport must not be within six months of the day/night you enter Venezuelan territory (as far as I know this is a requirement for all countries). As a foreign tourist you may also require a valid tourist visa for Venezuela in addition to your passport.

Generally speaking, residents from the majority of the countries of the world will need a valid passport and tourist card/tourist visa for Venezuela. Residents from countries such as Australia, Canada and some European countries (among others), only need a valid passport to enter Venezuela as tourists. While residents from countries like Bolivia and Colombia for example, only need their personal ID card in order to travel to Venezuela. So it really depends on the diplomatic arrangement between Venezuela and your country of nationality.

If you don´t possess a valid passport and visa for Venezuela, then you will have to organize these important travel documents well in advance. Most developed countries of the world have government systems in place where you can obtain a new passport in less than a week.

You will need to organize a Venezuelan tourist visa (also called a tourist card) from the Venezuelan embassy or consulate in your city of residence. Be sure to apply for your tourist visa/card well in advance of your departure date.

Due to frequent political changes, it would be wise to check whether you require a Venezuelan tourist visa/card BEFORE you decide to board a flight. Simply visit a Venezuelan embassy or consulate in your city.

Margarita Island passport
Margarita Island tourist visa

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