Telephone Options on Margarita Island

What are your telephone options on Margarita Island? We have the country & local codes with all the information you need to make calls during your incredible Caribbean Vacation!

As a tourist, telephone services can be vital while away on vacation. You need to know what your telephone options are so you can keep in touch with family and friends. For those of you who travel without a smartphone, the Island has plenty of shopping malls and individual shops providing telephone services in case you need to make a call on Margarita Island.

The country telephone code for Venezuela is 58 and the area code for Margarita Island is 0295.

If you are calling Margarita Island from your country of residence (international call) you would dial 00 58 295 plus the local number. If you are in Venezuela and wish to call Margarita Island (national call), you would omit 00 58 and call 0295 plus the local number. When on the island, you would omit 00 58 295 and simply call the local number only (local call).

So what are your telephone options on the island? The first option is the use of a public telephone. The national canTV public telephone system is at your convenience 24 hours a day. Public telephones (teléfonos públicos) can be found in many parts of the island, especially in the more commercial regions. Due to vandalism, like in many parts of the world, some public telephones may be out of order. If this is the case simply look for another. These telephones function with prepaid phone cards (tarjetas telefónicas) which can be bought at news stands, kiosks, liquor stores and other smaller shops. Ask for a canTV tarjeta telefónica at one of these outlets. You can buy them in the following denominations of value – Bs.20, Bs.30, Bs.40, Bs.60 and Bs.120. If you do not understand the Spanish language, get an employee at your hotel to help you out with the phone card instructions.

Margarita Island public telephone

Public Telephones

Margarita Island phone card

canTV tarjeta telefónica

Utilizing your hotel room phone is another one of the telephone options you can choose from during your Caribbean vacation. This service is always very convenient, but can be quite expensive. Next on my telephone options list are Communication Centers (centros de comunicaciones) with dedicated telephone booths & cabins. These stores sometimes offer both telephone & internet services and can be found in the larger, more popular shopping malls like Centro Comercial Sambil (Sambil Shopping Mall) in Pampatar. Great service if you need to place an international call, but be wary of prices as they never seem to be cheap!

Communication Center Venezuela

Centro de Comunicaciones

Digitel Sim Card Venezuela

‘Digitel’ SIM card

Margarita Island digitel store

Digitel Store

In regards to telephone options you can also use your very own cell phone to make calls. If your cell phone uses GSM technology, you just need to purchase a local SIM card. These SIM cards can be purchased from ‘Digitel’ stores, the easiest to find is located at Shop RS-11, Centro Comercial Sambil, Pampatar. Purchase the SIM, follow any instructions given by the sales person and begin using your cell phone.

INTERNET services, although not exactly abundant in number, can also be found on Margarita Island for your convenience. If you are staying in a quality hotel, there´s a great chance your hotel room has wi-fi capability. Most hotels will at least have wi-fi in their lobbies. You can take full advantage of these wi-fi areas to use the internet when you please. This will save you time & money trying to locate an internet cafe in the street.

Besides hotels, internet cafes are ideal for getting in touch with family & friends, without the need of having a LONG conversation. Margarita island has its share of ‘cyber cafes’ where you can easily connect to the internet. These internet cafes also offer printing, scanning & copying services. Many cyber cafes can be found in central Porlamar, however you can also locate others in smaller shopping centers around the island. Here´s a few cyber cafes in Central Porlamar :

Cyber Miramar
Calle Narvaez, Edificio Miramar, PB, Local 04, Sector Genovés, Porlamar
58 295 266 0478, 58 295 264 1043, 58 426 886 9827

Telecomunicaciones Jimenez
Calle Igualdad, Centro Comercial Igualdad, PB, Local 4 y 5, Porlamar
58 295 263 5175

Velandrias Com, F.P.
Avenida 4 de Mayo, Centro Comercial Fermín, Edificio Los Cospes, PB, Local A, Sector 4 de Mayo, Porlamar
58 295 264 9640

Now you know your telephone options, see Electricity for advice on using electrical devices on Margarita Island.