Electricity Advice for Margarita Island

Looking for electrical advice during your Caribbean vacation? If so, all the information you need to enjoy your Margarita Island getaway is right here.

Electricity is supplied to Venezuela, including Margarita Island at 110-120 volts. So if you are visiting from Canada or the United States of America, the electricity supplied to Margarita Island has the same amount of voltage. The electrical wall sockets are usually the same or similar to those used in the United States, so you may not need an adaptor of any kind if you´re a US or Canadian resident.

A common electrical wall socket in Venezuela has 2 vertical slots to accept a plug with 2 vertical prongs. This configuration does not allow for electrical grounding. The other common electrical wall socket does allow for electrical grounding and includes 2 vertical slots and a small semi round hole below the slots.

Electrical Advice Tip 1 : If your electrical device has a plug with a third semi round prong, you MAY need to buy a basic adaptor, depending on the electrical wall sockets in your hotel or apartment. These basic adaptors are quite inexpensive and can be bought in many places, including smaller hardware stores. You simply plug the basic adaptor into the wall socket, then plug your electrical device into the adaptor.

Electrical Advice Tip 2 : If however you are visiting from Europe for example, then you will need some type of universal electrical adaptor for your electronic devices. Many countries in the world have voltages of 220-240 volts, so products made for those countries are manufactured to use 220-240 volts.

Remember that the electricity on Margarita Island is 110-120 volts, so when you bring one of these electrical products to the island, you cannot simply plug in the product and hope it will work! It would be best to buy a universal electrical adaptor in your country of residence BEFORE you arrive on Margarita Island. In the case of a Spanish tourist, he/she would need a universal electrical adaptor which converts electricity from 220/240 volts to 110/120 volts. These universal electrical adaptors can be found in airport Duty Free stores, so no need to panic.

Please use the above electrical advice to your advantage & always remember to give electricity your full attention!

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