Drinking Water on Margarita Island

If you´ve booked a ticket to the island, you´re probably wondering about the drinking water on Margarita Island. For drinking purposes it is highly recommended that you buy bottled water, either regular or mineral. If you drink plenty of water on a daily basis like I do, your best bet is to purchase 1 gallon bottles of regular water for vacations of 1-2 week duration. For longer vacations such as 3 weeks or more, I highly recommend buying 5 gallon containers. By doing this, you won´t have to make so many trips to the supermarket!

Margarita Island water bottles

If you choose this option, your first 5 gallon bottle of water will cost far more, because you are actually buying the 5 gallon plastic bottle, along with the water. When you need to refill your 5 gallon plastic container, take it to the supermarket and swap it over for a full one. This time you will only be charged for the water! Drinking water on Margarita Island can be purchased just about everywhere on the island, supermarkets being my personal preference.

Besides bottled water, the only other option is filtered water, but ONLY if your hotel or apartment has a quality water filter system. A quality water filter system will at least include a filter rated at 5 microns. I have 1 carbon-type filter rated at 5 microns hooked up to the kitchen faucet and have never been ill drinking this filtered water.

If you have any doubt about the quality of the drinking water on Margarita Island in regards to a specific filter system, better to buy bottled water than run the risk of illness.


As in many parts of the USA, toilet paper and hygenic products CANNOT be flushed down the toilet on Margarita Island or any part of Venezuela for that matter. These waste products MUST be placed in waste paper baskets/bins, which are supplied in restrooms (baños) and toilets. By following these simple guidelines, you can enjoy your vacation without running the risk of an absolute plumbing disaster!

Margarita Island toilets
Margarita Island toilet