Caribbean Radio Stations on Margarita Island

What better way to enjoy your Caribbean vacation than relaxing on the beach while listening to some Caribbean radio. If you enjoy listening to the radio back home, then there´s no reason to give it up while you´re visiting Margarita Island. I have put together a list of Margarita Island´s FM stations for your listening pleasure. So get yourself a radio, select a station, crank up the volume and enjoy the sounds of Caribbean radio!

89.5 Ola 89.5 FM Margarita
90.5 Mi Radio 90.5 FM Margarita
91.9 La Mega 91.9 FM Margarita
93.7 Paraíso 93.7 FM Margarita
96.7 Reina 96.7 FM Margarita
97.3 Nota 97.3 FM Margarita
98.1 Super Stereo 98.1 FM Margarita
98.9 La Romántica 98.9 FM
99.7 Radio Éxitos FM 99.7 FM
103.1 Margarita Beach 103.1 FM
104.3 Rumba 104.3 FM
106.1 Mix 106.1 Margarita
106.9 Radio Rumbera 106.9 FM Margarita

(Information regarding Television on Margarita Island coming soon!)

See Telephone & Internet for tips and advice regarding communications on Margarita Island.