Margarita Island´s Caribbean Climate

Ever dreamt of a Caribbean vacation? Margarita Island has an amazing Caribbean climate with long, sun filled days and incredible sea water temperatures. As the island is located in the Caribbean Sea and just north of the equator, the island enjoys a truly amazing Caribbean climate all year round.

From a foreign tourists point of view, it doesn´t get any better. The Caribbean climate provides its visitors with warm, sun filled days which constantly heat the island´s surrounding waters. You can literally laze around in the water for hours if you wish. When you´re done frolicking in the magnificent ocean waters, simply stroll back to your spot on the beach and relax in the sunshine for a while.

If you reside in a country which suffers from a harsh climate be it hot or cold (or maybe a combination of the two), then you will certainly appreciate the Caribbean climate of Margarita Island.

With a very special thank you to I have listed information regarding the year round climate on Margarita Island, Venezuela.

Average Temperatures

Margarita Island average temperatures

Average High – Low Temperatures

Margarita Island average high low temperatures

Average Rainfall

Margarita Island average rainfall

Average Daily Sunshine Hours

Margarita Island average daily sunshine hours

Average Sea Temperature

Margarita Island average sea temperature

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