Margarita Island Water Transport

How do you get to Margarita Island? Besides an international or domestic flight, your only other option to arrive on the island is by water transport. Conferry (a major water transport company in Venezuela) runs water ferries to and from Margarita Island from mainland Venezuela. The ferries accept walk-on passengers, motorcycles, small & large automobiles and trucks of different sizes. Please note, you MUST have your passport with you if you want to take the ferry to Margarita Island. Also if you have a hire car, it´s very important to have ALL hire car documents on hand!

If you opt for water transport, there are basically two routes which you can take from mainland Venezuela to the island.

The longest route is from La Guaira (option 1), as you will be on the ferry to Margarita Island for around 8 hours. If you are in or located near Caracas, this is a great option, as you only need to get yourself to La Guaira, the ferry company does the rest.

The alternate water transport route is from Puerto La Cruz (option 2), putting you on the ferry to Margarita Island for 3 to 4 hours. If you are located in the east of Venezuela, then this would be the logical option. Just find your way to Puerto La Cruz, purchase your ticket/s and board the ferry there.

Food and drinks can be purchased onboard the ferry to Margarita Island, however if you are budget conscious buy your supplies beforehand or prepare your own meal. Best to purchase a Conferry ticket in advance and guarantee your seat! Ticket Sales information here

Option 1 : from La Guaira

In Caracas you can purchase your water transport Conferry ticket at one of these offices :

Plaza Venezuela
Avenida Casanova con Avenida Las Acacias
Torre Banhorient, PB, Plaza Venezuela, Caracas
Telephone : 58 0212 709 0131
Monday – Friday 8:30am to 4:00pm

C.C. Plaza Las Américas
Avenida Raúl Leoni, C.C. Plaza Las Américas II
PB. Local 15 y 16, Urb. El Cafetal, Caracas
Telephone: 58 0212 981 8701
Monday – Saturday 10:00am to 6:30pm

If you´re in the La Guaira area and choose the water transport option, purchase your Conferry ticket from this office :

La Guaira
Avenida Carlos Soublette
Terminal Marítimo de pasajeros Dr. José María Vargas
La Guaira, Telephone : 58 0212 331 2433
Monday – Friday 8:30am to 4:00pm

Once you have your Conferry ticket in hand you will need to make your way to the water transport Port in La Guaira, where you can take the ferry to Margarita Island. Use the services of a reputable taxi line or quality autobus company and head to Terminal de Pasajeros del Puerto de La Guaira, Avenida Carlos Soublette, La Guaira

Option 2 : from Puerto La Cruz

If you are located closer to Puerto La Cruz (eastern region of Venezuela) than Caracas, then you can take the ferry to Margarita Island from there. Simply make your way to the coastal city of Puerto La Cruz, locate Conferry´s water transport office and purchase your ticket/s.

Puerto La Cruz
Prolongación Avenida Paseo Colón
Terminal de Ferrys Eulalia Buroz, Puerto La Cruz
Telephone : 58 0281 267 7221
Monday – Sunday 6:00am to 7:30pm

When on Margarita Island, if you need to change or buy a ferry ticket from Conferry´s water transport office, you can simply head to Playa El Ángel in Pampatar.

Playa El Ángel
Centro Comercial Provemed
Avenida Bolívar con Avenida Andolza Manrique
PB, Local L-10, Pampatar
Telephone : 58 0295 262 4539
Monday – Friday 8:30am to 4:00pm