Flights to Venezuela

Flights to Venezuela can be purchased from your country of residence before you embark on your Caribbean vacation. As far as a flight itinerary, you have various options to arrive at Margarita Island.

Option 1 : Direct flights to Margarita Island

In regards to flights to Venezuela some airline carriers offer direct flights to Margarita Island from continental Europe, Canada and the USA. I have found that when travelling to Venezuela, most of these direct flights DO have stopovers. Nonetheless, choosing this option allows you to avoid a connecting flight via Caracas and is far less complicated!

Option 2 : Connection/Overnight

There are many international airlines who offer flights to Venezuela, which usually land in the capital city of Caracas. When arriving in Venezuela, you can stay overnight in Caracas and then take one of the domestic flights the following day to Porlamar, Margarita Island. Or you can arrive in Caracas (not too late in the day), take your connecting flight and land at Margarita airport. It really depends on where your international flight is coming from and at what hour you arrive at Venezuela´s international airport.

If you cannot fly direct to the island, I HIGHLY recommend flying into Caracas at a decent hour, then connect to Margarita Island using one of the Venezuelan airlines.

Please note : At the time of writing domestic airline tickets are extremely difficult to come by due to the growing economic crisis. Make sure you purchase any connecting and/or domestic airline tickets BEFORE you arrive in Venezuela.

Regarding flights to Venezuela … you will be arriving at the INTERNATIONAL TERMINAL, so you MUST collect your luggage and find your way to the DOMESTIC TERMINAL.

If you choose to stay overnight in Caracas, you will need to pay for taxis to & from the airport, find & pay for accommodation and run the risk of problems. As of writing (September 2015), Caracas is a VERY dangerous city, especially for foreign tourists. Petty theft, kidnapping and murder are common practises. I don´t want to scare you away from this beautiful country, but I do NOT recommend an overnight stay in Caracas whether it´s your first time or if you have visited before.

Your flight, whether domestic or international will arrive at the Margarita Island airport, also known as the Porlamar International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional del Caribe Santiago Mariño).

Domestic flights from Caracas to Margarita Island can POSSIBLY be purchased from these offices :

LASER AIRLINES (I personally recommend)



Remember … international flights to Venezuela and domestic Venezuelan flights can easily be purchased from your country of residence. Please don´t run the risk of purchasing a domestic flight to Margarita Island once you arrive in Venezuela, as tickets are SCARCE!

See you on Margarita Island!