Margarita Island Police Force

Need help from the Margarita Island police force? When on vacation things don´t always go to plan. If you are in an emergency situation, you may need the help of the local police. Police departments around the world differ in many ways, so do not expect the Margarita Island police force members to act the same as the police in your country of residence.

Like the doctors of Margarita Island and Venezuela in general, the Margarita Island police force members are horribly underpaid and under resourced. Although the majority work hard and put their lives at risk every day, there are some which don´t give a darn and are looking for ANY reason to take your cash!

If you experience some type of emergency whilst vacationing on Margarita Island, you can try calling the emergency number 911 (Police, Fire, Ambulance).

You can also check out the following website for limited info :

Or if you´d like to send them an email, send to :

If you make an emergency call and speak little or no Spanish, find a hotel staff member who is bilingual and ask them to help you. If you are out on the street, enter a store and ask for assistance. Many Venezuelans can at least speak some English. Please be sure to leave them a really good tip for assisting you in your hour of need!

Below is a list of the 5 major Margarita Island Police Departments :

Policia La Asunción
Avenida Simón Bolívar, frente a la Gobernación del Estado Municipio Arismendi, La Asunción
242 2913, 242 3754

Margarita Island nueva esparta police

Policia Sector Apostadero
Calle Principal Agua de Vaca, Sector Apostadero
267 1337

Margarita Island municipio maneiro police

Policia Porlamar
Calle San Rafael, Cruce con Avenida Terranova, Centro Comercial Bella Vista, Porlamar
264 2349

Margarita Island municipio marino police

Policia Arismendi
Calle 4 de Mayo La Asunción, Municipio Arismendi
242 2477

Margarita Island municipio arismendi police

Policia Macanao
Carretera Nacional, entrada Boca del Rio, Península de Macanao
291 3536

Margarita Island municipio macanao police

Fire & Emergency Services can be found here if you don´t need the assistance of the police force.