Hospitals on Margarita Island

If you have a medical emergency and are in need of the hospital locations on Margarita Island, I can help you. As far as hospital quality is concerned, please keep in mind that Venezuela is a third world country and may not have the same medical standards as those of your resident country. Regarding the hospitals on Margarita Island, I speak from experience and can tell you straight up that medical treatment in first world countries is far different. If you find yourself in one of the hospitals on Margarita Island during your vacation, speak to your doctor ASAP. Only when the doctor believes you are fit to leave, get out of there as soon as possible!

Margarita Island hospitals

After a nasty car/bus accident, I arrived at one of the hospitals on Margarita Island with a fractured pelvis and was given the option to stay overnight. I thought that I would be placed in a room with other patients, while somebody kept an eye on me for at least a few hours. How wrong I was! For the entire night, they left me on the very same ambulance stretcher which they brought me in on. They found some obscure little corridor of the hospital and dumped me there for the night. Not one person came to check on me, ask me if I needed water, ask me if I needed something for the pain, absolutely nothing. Without doubt, it was one of the most painful and horrible nights of my life! The next morning when the doctor asked me if I would prefer to go home, I literally jumped at the chance.

During the last 16 years, the Venezuelan government has not invested in the hospitals on Margarita Island nor those on the mainland. The hospitals on Margarita Island are outdated, in poor condition and sometimes lack vital equipment and medication. The doctors, nurses and medical staff are terribly underpaid, so enthusiasm is not a priority, especially for foreign tourists. Last but not least, most hospitals are usually overcrowded, so finding a bed may prove impossible!

If things go pear-shaped during your vacation and you need the services of one of the hospitals on Margarita Island, see my hospital list and their respective maps below.

Hospital Central Dr. Luis Ortega Díaz
Avenida 4 de Mayo, Porlamar
261 6508, 261 1578

Hospital Dr. Agustín Rafael Hernández
Calle El Sol, Juan Griego
253 2462, 253 1054

Hospital Dr. Armando Sánchez
Calle Las Mercedes, Punta de Piedras
239 8143

Clinics on Margarita Island

Clinics are a great option as opposed to the hospitals on Margarita Island. Of course, you will have to fork out some cash, but the service is generally more efficient than what the hospitals have to offer. The clinics are usually far less overcrowded, so you will be attended to much quicker.

Centro Clínico del Caribe
Centro Comercial La Arboleda
Avenida Francisco Esteban Gómez
Nivel 1, Local Admisión, La Arboleda
265 1211, 263 5495, 264 2285

CMFR Virgen del Valle
Avenida Los Amapolas, Centro Comercial Bay Side, PB, Local 1-44, Costa Azul, Porlamar
267 4096

Centro Médico Libertad
Calle Oeste, Cento, Porlamar
263 0578
Monday – Friday, 6:00am to 6:00pm

Centro Médico El Valle
vía Avenida Fucho Tovar, Porlamar
287 0935

Clínica del Este
Avenida Aldonza Manrique, Playa El Angel, Pampatar
267 2858

Medical Clinic La Fe
Calle Libertad, Pampatar
262 2711
Monday – Friday, 8:00am to 12:00pm AND 1:00pm to 5:00pm

If in need of medicine or antibiotics visit one of the Drug Stores on Margarita Island.