Margarita Island Emergency Services

Do you have an emergency during your Caribbean vacation? Sometimes when on vacation unforeseen situations occur. It´s always best to remain calm and get in contact with the local Emergency Services.

One of the best services which I hope you will never need is that of the Margarita Island Emergency Services. Just like the doctors and members of the police force on the island, these men & women are badly underpaid. They provide an excellent service, work long hours and only expect a thank you in return. Their work tasks are many, but Emergency Services usually spend the majority of their time helping the community with storm damage situations and car accidents.

I would personally like to thank the Margarita Island Emergency Services members for their rapid response to the car/bus accident in which I was involved. They got to the accident scene in record time and took care of me while I waited for the ambulance to arrive. These guys are true professionals in their work and pay attention to every detail. If in some way you need the assistance of Emergency Services, please be assured that you will be in great hands!

Sede Regional De Proteccion Civil
Avenida Terranova, Porlamar
263 5601, 263 8052

Fire Brigade

The fire brigade members of Margarita Island and Venezuela as a whole, also work long, difficult hours to save lives. These men & women constantly put their own lives at risk to protect us all and like the doctors, police & emergency services members, receive very little pay for their sacrifice. As these guys have literally come to my rescue on more than one occassion, I would also like to publicly thank them here. If you need the services of the Margarita Island fire brigade, see their details below.

Cuerpo de Bomberos – Porlamar
Avenida Aeropuerto Viejo
264 1445, 414 7045, 414 6174, 414 6175

Contact the Margarita Island Police Force if you have some other type of emergency!