Margarita Island Drug Stores

Don´t let illness ruin your Caribbean vacation, locate one of the Margarita Island drug stores from our list below. There is almost nothing worse than feeling ill when you are far from home. Being able to quickly locate a drug store can be an absolute Godsend, especially when you are not feeling well.

In regards to the drug stores on Margarita Island, there are many to choose from. The majority can be found in Porlamar, Pampatar and Juan Griego. In general Venezuelan drug stores are usually very well stocked, but due to the current economic crisis, some products can only be bought by waiting in a queue.

Currently the island´s drug stores are obliging their clients to queue up for toilet paper, soap, shavers, shaving cream, womens hygiene products and other items. So make sure you bring some supplies with you, or you may find yourself in a queue for hours, when you could be lazing in the beautiful Margarita sunshine.

Below I have listed some of the best located drug stores on Margarita Island. If you are in the Porlamar or Pamapatar areas, these pharmacies can be found on foot, by taxi or by hire car.

Avenida Bolívar con Avenida Aldonza Manrique
Playa El Agua, Pampatar
262 5132

Centro Comercial Parque Costazul
Avenida Interna
500 2578

Centro Comercial Provemed
Avenida Bolívar con Avenida Aldonza Manrique
Playa El Agua, Pampatar
262 9992

Centro Comercial Rattan Plaza
Avenida Jóvito Villalba con Avenida Aldonza Manrique
Local A2 y A3, Pampatar
262 9145

If you need professional medical assistance please see Hospitals & Clinics.