Margarita Island Bakeries

Keen for some genuine Venezuelan pastry during your Caribbean vacation? Margarita Island bakeries offer visitors some unique & delicious treats. Bakeries can be found all over the island. Well maybe not everywhere, but in the more commercial zones they seem to be on every street.

There is a huge difference in quality between the good bakeries and the very average ones. Some bakeries offer great service and reasonable prices, while others charge a small fortune and serve you ONLY when they are good and ready!

In this day and age, customer service is extremely important. Unfortunately a small percentage of the bakeries on Margarita Island cannot provide a high level of customer service.

Below is a list of my 3 favorite Margarita Island bakeries, where I have had very positive experiences. You too can enjoy some tasty pastry treats during your Caribbean holiday!


Panadería Sabanamar
Avenida Rómulo Betancourt con Avenida Lozada
Sabanamar, Porlamar
264 2531, 264 2843

Centro Comercial Provemed, Avenida Bolívar
PB, Playa El Ángel, Pampatar
262 7273

Panadería Saint Germain
Avenida Aldonza Manrique
Playa El Angel, Pampatar
262 3233
Mon – Sat 7:00am to 9:30pm & Sun 8:00am to 9:30pm