Margarita Island Fast Food List

If you haven´t got time to actually sit down at a restaurant, why not try something from our Margarita Island fast food list. Well in reality it´s not so much a fast food list, but some great advice on where to enjoy a quick bite while on your Caribbean vacation. Sometimes we just don´t have time to sit down and relax in a restaurant environment, so a quick bite can be a great option.

During your Caribbean holiday some of the best places to grab a bite on the run are the Margarita Island shopping malls. Like other parts of the world, these shopping malls (‘centros comerciales‘ in Spanish) have food courts offering a generous number of food stores. There is always such a huge variety to choose from.

If you choose to eat at one of the locations from our fast food list, why not order some local cuisine like an arepa or cachapa. In the end it´s really up to you and how adventurous you´re feeling. Below is my small but informative fast food list for your convenience.

* Although quite noisy during the lunch hour, you can´t go past Centro Comercial Sambil Margarita in Pampatar (Sambil shopping mall) for outright food variety.

* I also personally recommend Centro Comercial La Vela (La Vela shopping mall) in Costa Azul, Porlamar. I´ve eaten there many times and always enjoyed the ambience.

* Another favorite of mine is Centro Comercial Parque Costazul (Parque Costazul shopping mall), where the food variety is great and the feel is laid back.

Centro Comercial Sambil Margarita
Avenida Jovito Villalba, San Lorenzo, Pampatar
260 2726

Centro Comercial La Vela
Calle Los Uveros, Porlamar
260 0700

Centro Comercial Parque Costazul
Avenida Jóvito Villalba con Avenida Placido Maneiro
Sector Los Robles, Porlamar
500 2985