Sports Activities on Margarita Island

Margarita Island provides its guests with a wide range of sports activities. Whether you enjoy aquatic sports or land based activities, there is plenty to do both in and out of the water. Heres a list of the more popular sports activities on Margarita Island.


As far as sports activities go, this is a very economical way to see the island at a slow pace.
(Bicycle Hire Locations Currently under research)


Whether from the beach or deep sea, fishing is one of the most relaxing and exciting sports activities for any age. Get in contact with a Margarita Island tour agency to organize a deep sea fishing adventure.


One of the newer Margarita Island sports activities, flyboard is an amazing experience. El Yaque beach (playa El Yaque) is where the flyboard operators are located, so head down there and schedule a flyboard session!

Flyboard Venezuela
Playa El Yaque, El Yaque
0424 248 5794


If you´re a four wheel adrenaline junkie, then maybe hiring a go-kart is your thing. These karts are a lot of fun, especially when travelling in a group.

Kartódromo de Margarita
Calle Narváez, Porlamar
0412 352 3610


For a laid back approach to your vacation, Margarita Island has a beautiful 18 hole golf course on the northern coast of the island. Reach the golf course by hotel shuttle bus or executive taxi, then book yourself a relaxing round of golf.

Isla Margarita Golf Club
Hotel Hesperia Isla Margarita, Playas de Puerto Cruz y Puerto Viejo, Pedro Gonzalez
265 7371


(Currently under research)


Ever wanted to ride a horse on the beach? This is extremely popular on the Margarita Island sports activities list. You will experience true freedom as your horse trots in the shallow beach water. Don´t miss this opportunity!

Hacienda Macanao
Kilómetro 6 de la vía a San Francisco, Península de Macanao
262 4158

Ranch Cabatucan
A 2 km de Guayacancito, Península de Macanao
808 5147, 0416 681 9348


If you like your action at greater speeds, then rent a jetski at one of the more popular Margarita Island beaches. The operators usually rent their jet skis in calm waters. Best to search for jet ski operators on the south eastern coast of the island.


Kayaking adventures are a great way to get in touch with nature. The Restinga peninsula in the western region of the island offers a unique opportunity to view Margarita Island´s flora and fauna. Also a must-do activity!

Kayak Margarita
0414 092 9278


If you like to get wet and wild, kiteboard is for you. El Yaque beach (playa El Yaque) is the home of kiteboard on the island. Equipment and lessons are available from these operators.

Kiteboarding Club El Yaque
Playa El Yaque, El Yaque
0412 358 5427, 263 9961

Margarita Extreme
Windsurf Paradise Hotel, El Yaque
0412 359 7953, 0412 359 7030


(Currently under research)


Does underwater exploration get your blood pumping? If so, Margarita Island is ideal for beginners through to pros. Contact the following experienced scuba operators for their services.

Enomis Divers
Avenida 31 de julio, Centro Comercial Turístico Playa El Agua, local 2, Sector La Mira, Playa El Agua
249 0366

Scubadiving Margarita
0412 196 4467, 0416 896 9040


Another amazing experience not to be missed. Get to know the underwater world without the need for all that scuba gear. Great for all ages, shapes & sizes. Most good hotels and resorts will rent you a snorkel kit. If you prefer to buy your own snorkel kit, ask the hotel receptionist for advice and directions.


Without doubt, surfing is among the most popular sports activities on Margarita Island. The northern and eastern coast lines of the island provide surfers with decent size swells. (I am looking into surfboard hire as of writing)


If your preference is ball sports, then you might consider a game of tennis while enjoying your Caribbean vacation.
Some of the higher quality resorts & hotels have tennis courts for hire. Hotel Hesperia Isla Margarita is a great choice!


El Yaque beach (playa El Yaque) is the mecca of windsurf and hosts world championship events each year due to its favorable windsurf conditions. If you´d like to hire windsurf equipment and receive lessons, there are numerous windsurf operators at El Yaque beach.

Estredo Yaque Club
Playa El Yaque, El Yaque
0412 356 7221