Relax on a Tropical Beach

The beaches of Margarita Island are exactly what you´d expect from a tropical island paradise. Beautiful white sandy beaches lined with tall palm trees, swaying in the gentle ocean breeze. Spend your Caribbean vacation relaxing on a tropical beach with a cold beverage in hand!

Like other Caribbean tropical islands, the beaches of Margarita Island have umbrella, chair & table hire services so you do not need to bring your own equipment. Nothing worse than struggling with your own umbrella, chairs, table, towels and other stuff as you walk the hot sands of your favorite tropical beach.

Another great service which you will find on just about every Margarita Island tropical beach is food & beverage service. The beaches have beachfront restaurants where waiters approach and serve you from your spot on the beach. The meals are always delicious and can be accompanied by alcoholic beverages if you please! If you prefer to dine in the evening you can find many restaurants in Porlamar & Pampatar.

So do yourself a favor and explore the beautiful beaches of Margarita Island. Some of my favorites are playa Guacuco, playa El Agua and I also like playa Pampatar. See my Margarita Island beach list below … a beautiful tropical beach awaits!

Playa Gasparico Lagunamar
Playa Guacuco
Playa El Cardón
Playa El Tirano
Playa Puerto Abajo
Playa Parguito
Playa El Agua
Playa El Humo
Playa Puerto Real
Playa La Punta
Playa Manzanillo
Playa Guayacan
Playa Puerto Viejo
Playa Puerto Cruz
Playa Pedro Gonzalez
Playa Zaragoza
Playa Bahia de Plata
Playa Las Arenas
Playa Caribe

Playa La Piel
Playa La Galera
Playa Juan Griego
Playa María Libre
Playa Tacuantar
Playa Pacu
Playa La Guardia
Playa El Portillo
Playa La Restinga
Playa El Saco
Playa La Auyama
Playa El Tunal
Playa La Pared
Playa La Mula
Playa La Carmela
Playa Robledal
Playa Boco de Pozo
Playa Punta Arena
Playa Laguna de Raya

Playa Punta de Mangle
Playa Paraíso (Playa La Punta)
Playa Punta El Botón
Playa El Yaque
Playa La Isleta
Playa El Silguero
Playa Bella Vista
Playa Concorde
Playa Valdez
Playa La Caracola
Playa Hilton
Playa Moreno
Playa El Ángel
Playa Varadero
Playa Circulo Militar
Playa de Pampatar
Playa La Caranta
Playa Juventud

Use the Interactive Map below to locate each of the beaches from the list.
Hint : If you zoom in on the map and start at Playa Gasparico Lagunamar (located opposite Lagunamar Resort & Spa),
travel the island´s coastline in an anticlockwise direction and you will come to the next beach on the list in
Column 1, Playa Guacuco. Continue in an anticlockwise direction for the next beach in Column 1, Playa El Cardón. etc

If lazing around isn´t for you, why not enjoy one of the many Parks and Tours Margarita Island has to offer.