Margarita Island Cinemas

Keen to catch a flick during your Caribbean vacation? Spend a night at the cinemas where you can see the latest blockbuster movies for a fraction of the US prices.

Just because you are on holiday doesn´t mean you can´t enjoy a night out at the cinemas. Why not head to the Margarita Island cinemas, treat yourself to some popcorn and enjoy one of the latest action blockbusters. A night out at the cinemas on Margarita Island is very economical when compared to the US or Canada.

Be sure to visit one of the Margarita Island cinema complexes when you get a chance. You will certainly enjoy the comfort and services which they provide. At present there´s only a few cinema complexes on the island. These complexes are located within quality shopping malls and are easy to find.

I have listed two of the better Margarita Island cinemas, which offer the latest movies and have great air conditioning!

Centro Comercial Parque Costazul
Avenida Jóvito Villalba con Avenida Placido Maneiro
Sector Los Robles, Porlamar, 500 2616

Centro Comercial Sambil Pampatar
Avenida Jovito Villalba
Sector San Lorenzo, Pampatar, 735 4285

Do it now … get yourself to a Margarita Island cinema complex and enjoy the latest films in air conditioned comfort!