Margarita Island Shopping

Looking for a bargain while on vacation? Why not go on a Margarita Island shopping spree. Enjoy a Caribbean island vacation and take full advantage of the island shopping malls.

Venezuela is currently suffering from a massive economic crisis. The local currency (bolivar) has taken a huge dive against the greenback. As of writing (September 2015) tourists can receive around 700 bolivars for a single US dollar if they physically exchange their cash. If you take your credit card to the Margarita Island shopping malls, you will NOT receive the same exchange rate. So be warned! See my currency page for more on this.

This means that you can visit the island shopping malls with cash in hand and spend like there´s no tomorrow! An exchange rate like this, allows you to purchase products for ridiculously low prices. Maybe Margarita Island shopping isn´t for everyone, but we all love a bargain.

Feel free to use the Margarita Island shopping mall INTERACTIVE MAPS below. Great time saver!

Margarita Island Shopping Malls

Centro Comercial AB
Avenida Bolívar, Playa El Ángel
Porlamar, 262 7223

Centro Comercial Boulevard
Avenida 4 de Mayo con Avenida Aeropuerto
Central Porlamar

Centro Comercial Eco Center
Avenida Fucho Tovar, 274 1555

Centro Comercial La Redoma
Av. Jóvito Villalba con Calle El Pozo, Los Robles
Porlamar, 262 9285 ,

Centro Comercial Parque Costazul
Av. Jóvito Villalba con Av. Placido Maneiro, Los Robles
Porlamar, 500 2985,

Centro Comercial Rattan Plaza
Avenida Aldonza Manrique, 262 6922, 262 8083

Centro Comercial Sigo HomeMarket
Calle Prica, Sector Los Cocos Norte
Porlamar, 274 4741

Ciudad Comercial Jumbo
Avenida 4 de Mayo con Calle Campos
Central Porlamar, 263 1185

Centro Comercial Bay Side
Avenida Las Amapolas con calle Los Almendros
Urb. Costa Azul, Porlamar, 262 8361

Centro Comercial CCM (Caribbean Center Mall)
Avenida Bolívar, Urb. Costa Azul
Porlamar, 262 8660

Centro Comercial Galerías Fente
Avenida 4 de Mayo, Sector Táchira
Porlamar, 263 1962

Centro Comercial La Vela
Calle Los Uveros, Porlamar
260 0700 ,

Centro Comercial Provemed
Avenida Bolívar con Avenida Aldonza Manrique
Playa El Ángel, Pampatar

Centro Comercial Sambil Margarita
Avenida Jovito Villalba, Sector San Lorenzo, Pampatar
260 2726,

Centro Comercial Traki
Calle Prica, Sector Los Cocos Norte, Porlamar

Mercado Conejero
Avenida José Asunción Rodríguez,
Porlamar, 274 5891

Take full advantage of the Margarita Island Shopping Mall interactive maps and get yourself a bargain!
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